What is the Bitcoin Candy fork? Everything you need to know!

What is Bitcoin Candy? Everything you need to know!

Bitcoin Candy (CDY)

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Bitcoin Candy(CDY) is a new chain forked from Bitcoin Cash at the height of 512666. The original BCH holders will be compensated with 1000 CDY for every BCH held. New features will be added to the forked chain and we will explore anti-quantum attacks solution on this chain.

In the past few years, D-Wave, IBM, Intel and other technological giants invest a lot of manpower and resources to increase research and development of quantum computers, i.e., Google have embedded D-Wave quantum computer into its cloud platform; the research team under Prof. Pan Weijian in Chinese University of Technology have made breakthrough achievements in quantum communications. Under such circumstance, the quantum age will no longer stay in science fiction conjecture (perhaps 5-10 years will come).
The development of quantum computer will not only bring great changes to people's lives, but also pose a serious threat to traditional public key cryptography. Public key cryptosystems such as ECDSA and RSA will be solved in polynomial time by these quantum computers. So, virtual currency like Bitcoin which use ECDSA as a signature algorithm will become unsafe. To find post-quantum digital signature algorithm is of vital important.
Our team has a deep post-quantum cryptography background and will conduct research and experiments on the CDY chain for practical public key signature algorithms in the post-quantum-era blockchain.

Fork Symbol: CDY
Bitcoin Candy Fork Date: 2018-01-13 00:00:00
Fork Block: 512666
Forked From: Bitcoin Cash
Total Coin Supply: 21,000,000,000
Total Public Coin Supply: 20,790,000,000
Pre-Mined Coins: 210,000,000
Mining Algorithm: Equihash
Mining Hardware: GPU
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