What is the Bitcoin Clean (BCL) fork? Everything you need to know!

What is Bitcoin Clean (BCL)? Everything you need to know!

Bitcoin Clean (BCL) (BCL)

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Bitcoin Clean (BCL) Price:

bitcoinClean is a hard fork of Bitcoin at block #517.799. Block #518,800 will be the first bitcoinClean block. bitcoinClean introduces an additional restriction for miners, so that only miners, that have submitted a proof-of-greenness, or documentation, about their clean electricity use, that has been approved by their peers can mine coins.

bitcoinClean aims to overcome the issue of vast energy consumption with high carbon emissions for mining digital currencies by exclusively using renewable energy. Therefore bitcoinClean introduces the proof-of-greenness protocol to verify the use of green energy.

Fork Symbol: BCL
Bitcoin Clean (BCL) Fork Date: 2018-04-18 00:00:00
Fork Block: 518800
Forked From: Bitcoin
Total Coin Supply: 21
Total Public Coin Supply: 21
Pre-Mined Coins: 0
Mining Algorithm: SHA256
Mining Hardware:
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