How to Claim Bitcoin Forks

The simplified guide on how to claim forked coins.

You just found out about forked bitcoin coins, forked ethereum coins, and other forked cryptocurrency and your now wondering how you can claim your forked coins.

To find out if you qualify for these free forked coins, you need to find out the day that the project took their "snapshot" or "forked." If you held your coins before that date, your balance would be included in that snapshot, which means you will be able to claim those new coins! Congratulations!

As an example, if a project is taking their snapshot of the existing Bitcoin blockchain on December 10th, 2018, you will want to make sure you have Bitcoin in a wallet under your control (where you can export your private keys) before that date!

Having your Bitcoin on a cryptocurrency exchange will most likely disqualify your chances as you do not have control over your private keys. Without your private keys, you will not be able to do the steps necessary to claim the new forked coins.

How do I claim a bitcoin fork and other cryptocurrency forks?

It's usually a simple process. Let's pretend we are claiming a bitcoin fork.

  • 1. You will open your Bitcoin Wallet, and you will want to send your entire Balance to a newly created Bitcoin address before starting to claim. This is just a precaution you should take so no one can steal your Bitcoins.

  • 2. Export your private keys for the address that had your Bitcoins when the project took their "snapshot" or "forked." (Remember only do this after you have sent your entire Bitcoin balance to a new Bitcoin address you control mentioned in Step 1.)

  • 3. Open the project's new Wallet, and import your private keys. It will most likely take the wallet 24 hours to sync, once it's done you should see the forked coins displayed in your wallet's balance.

Video Tutorials on How to Claim your Forked Coins